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Not Only Our Loved Ones,
It Wouldn't Be Fair.

As parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, don't we all strive to provide the better things in life for the ones we love? Our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are what we treasure the most, and it is normal to want to do anything and everything for their well-being. But in our zeal to please, don't we often go to excess... by pampering them with all kinds of unnecessary things? And when our time comes to depart from this earth, is it not also in our nature to leave all our possessions to them only?

Most of us have been greatly blessed in life, and while our Heavenly Father will never force us to repay Him for those blessings, He does suggest to the heart ways of showing our gratitude. When searching our soul to find the method that would please Him the most, “sharing our good fortune with His suffering children” has to be at the very top of His list... as helping the poor and the starving is what is closest to His Heart. At this very moment, Jesus is giving you the opportunity of leaving an indelible mark on His suffering humanity. He invites you to extend your loving concern to other children in the world, to poor innocent human beings who, along with their parents, are deprived of so many things and really have no one to turn to. Having no recourse to government aid or social assistance programs, they are desperately searching for someone who will show them compassion. Would you please be that “someone”?

And before our journey on earth comes to an end, let us make sure that they too are included in our last will. Our love for God and the good that we have done to others will be the only things that we can take with us from this life.

Such a precious child! In all her innocence and simplicity she demonstrates, better than could ever be put into words, the face of deprivation.

This tiny tot is very real, just like our own children and grandchildren. How sad that the material similarity seems to end there! While we shower our loved ones with the best things in life, she is deprived of the basic necessities. Even the tree attests to her desolation.

This sweet child of God is not alone; she is tragically joined by millions upon millions of other humans throughout the world, desperately struggling just to stay alive.

We certainly do not want to minimize the needs of the poor in our own midst, realizing that they too need help, but fortunately for them they at least have access to government aid, social assistance programs and the support of benevolent associations. As for the destitute in most Third World countries, they have no such recourse... for them, there is no one to turn to. It is for their sake that The Call of the Poor was established.

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