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In 1982, while visiting missionaries in certain countries of the Third World, the late Bishop Omer Robidoux (a wonderful missionary who devoted 48 years of his life to the cause of the less fortunate) was shocked by the deplorable conditions that the poor in those countries were subjected to.

He saw the deep love of heroic missionaries, doing all they could to alleviate the suffering of what appeared to him as an ocean of misery and grief. But the resources available to those courageous men and women were so minimal, that little could be done to remedy the situation. It was then and there that he decided to do everything in his power to shoulder them in their God-given mission of providing the relief and the ray of hope that the destitute were yearning for. And so he founded The Call of the Poor to sensitize people to the plight of the needy, regardless of their race or religious belief, and to raise funds for their well-being.

Since that beautiful moment when Bishop Robidoux founded The Call of the Poor, a few missionaries began to solicit his support. In the years that followed, hundreds more (dedicated men and women) joined their rank. From the very beginning, a system was established to analyze requests and control donations.

The following is the chain of events that we still rely on:

  • Missionaries in Third World countries see a real need to help the poor, or it could be that the poor themselves approach the missionaries with a request for assistance.

  • Those missionaries present the request to the authorities of their Mother House or Provincial House in Canada, for their consideration and to see if it falls within the guidelines of The Call of the Poor.

  • If the authorities approve the request, they in turn present it to The Call of the Poor for its own consideration. If everything is satisfactory and if The Call of the Poor has sufficient funds, a cheque is issued. The congregation then acknowledges receipt of the donation. The only congregations eligible to receive funds are those that are duly registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • In due course, the missionaries in the Third World provide a report to their congregation, describing how the funds were utilized. A copy of that report is sent to The Call of the Poor, whose records are now complete and the Canada Revenue Agency's regulations fully respected.

  • As The Call of the Poor and the congregations do not charge for their services and do not claim any of their administrative expenses, the end result is that donations received from compassionate benefactors are used in their entirety for the well-being of the poor.


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